Aytemiz Mobil Uygulaması İndirin İNDİR

Kurumsal Sosyal Sorumluluk

Corporate Social Responsibility

Aytemiz makes social responsibility investments considering the social needs of society with education being the top priority. It tries to be beneficial to society and boost public awareness.

Aytemiz shows special attention to education by building new schools and supporting educational institutions in need of restoration with donations.

Aytemiz’s understanding of social responsibilities will always remain in the forefront and its investments in this regards will increasingly continue day by day.

Kars Gülahmet Aytemiz Anatolian Fine Arts High School
foto 1

Kars Gülahmet Aytemiz Dormitory
foto 2

Kafkas University Conservatory Building Repair and All Equipments
foto 3

Kars Ismail Aytemiz Sports and Exhibition Hall
foto 4

Kirikkale University Hacilar Vocational High School
foto 5

Kars Aynur Aytemiz Dormitory for Girls
foto 6

Kirikkale University Huseyin Aytemiz Experimental Research and Application Center
foto 7

Seher Vuslat Aytemiz Primary School